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Kant. aesthetics. Prejudice. Philosophy. Beautiful


The account in the philosophy of what is beautiful is as special as man's connection to his history. This bibliographical work is a synthesis of Kant's theories of justice, which has as its primary intention to report on the aesthetic work, which always leads us to an ostensive and wide discussion about the power that each judgment has, and what are the instances and limits of human faculties "to think the particular under the universal", where we are being driven in the current contemporary scenario by the industry of beauty and the perfect body. So what we have in mind through this article is a discussion-level presentation of the faculty of judgment, defined by Kant as "the capacity to subsume rules, that is, to distinguish whether something fits a given rule," it is not until based on the Critique of Judgment that he sees judgment as a full faculty in its own right, with its own latent a priori principle and therefore requiring a "critique" to determine its scope and limits in the judged scene.

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Rondineli S Souza

Neuroscience, Pharmacy, Biology, Sociology, Philosophy - Biofarma Study Center - RJ, Brasil



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